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NA LoL Unranked Smurf Account Level 30+ And 20+ Capsules And Up To 19k BE Fresh MMR Never Ranked

NA LoL Unranked Smurf Account Level 30+ And 20+ Capsules And Up To 19k BE Fresh MMR Never Ranked

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These NA (North America) Accounts come with:


  • NA (North America) Capsule + Blue Essence – Plenty to purchase all of your favorite champions, and even a name change! (Usually have 45-55k Blue essence once disenchanted)

  • Level 30+ – Ready to jump into Ranked games!

  • Full Access – This account will be 100% your own. No one else will have access to it, you never have to worry about an “Original owner” taking it back as you do with other sites.

  • Never Ranked – Completely Fresh Rank. Great to play with your friends that are lower rank than you, or try a fun Unranked smurf challenge!

  • Email changeable – These accounts have Unverified e-mails so making it your own is a breeze. You can even do it directly from the client when you log in to the account, (Accounts are MADE with e-mails but those e-mails are never verified – meaning you get EASY access to adding your own e-mail to the accounts!)

  • Password changeable – We always suggest changing the Password to something 16-characters or higher to ensure safety after purchase.

  • 30-DAY Warranty from purchase date – (Does not cover Toxicity, Griefing, AFKing, etc…)

  • If you want to boost your MMR in ranked (You can place as high as Silver 1 on your first Placement game) – Play 10 Normal games before queueing for ranked!

What is LoL?

Simply put, League of Legends is an online MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) where players battle each other using in-game champions. With hundreds of different champions available in-game, players must work together with their teammates in order to defeat the other team.

This requires skill, strategy, and lots of teamwork!

To summarize a MOBA for you, 5 players on each team join an arena that consists of 3 lanes. Each lane has minions that spawn and travel down the lane until they meet the enemy's minions in the middle. Each team has 3 towers in each lane followed by an inhibitor that leads into your base. Inside your base is a Nexus guarded by 2 more towers. For a team to win they must destroy the other team's Nexus or make the other team surrender.

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