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Why should you buy Unranked League  Accounts?

If you found yourself here, this can mean two things. One-you are already a League fan or Two-you are about to become one. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. We are offering a large range of League accounts for sale, so just pick the one you need. We have hundreds of League of Legends accounts so don’t miss out on the opportunity. We furthermore have many of the smurfs accounts for various regions. If you wish to buy League accounts for your friends, so they could play on the rift then you should definitely check out our account store. With hundreds of League accounts available, there’s no better Webshop when it comes to buying League accounts online.

Why buy a LOL account from us?


Customer friendliness, the quickness in business processes and convenient sellers pricing! Always at your service, You ask us, we answer, regardless of time and place!


Should you decide to buy a League of Legends Smurf account from us, it will be delivered immediately after you’ve completed your purchase on screen and via email. Our automated systems work 24/7, every day of the year.


Account purchased from us come with a no hassle warranty, therefore if your account is banned for any reason of our own, we will provide you with a new one, free of charge.


Our site is using SSL technology as well as Paypal for payment processing, and it is therefore secured. We also accept a wide variety of crypto coins as a payment.


Our accounts have among other things, up to 50k BE – That’s enough to buy champions & rune pages so you can become a part of some of the ranked games in the role of your choice!


You will be delighted by our quick delivery, our wide range of products and our service! No hero names like YY QQ QQ59! We provide hero names like PsionicDoom, AngelicCurse, KeeBhor!

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Choose Your Guarantee On The Accounts

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When buying a League account from us, what you’re getting is the highest quality League accounts on the market. You can choose your new account with 7 Day, 14 Day or Lifetime (Champion accounts) warranty. We’re so convinced of the quality of our League accounts that we offer no hassle Guarantee with the some of the smurfs bought here. In case your League account/smurf is banned due to any defect/error on our behalf, such as “Account Sharing/Trading”, we will provide you with a replacement account, a brand new one.

*New League accounts will be issued in accordance with our Terms of Service agreement.

What is LoL?

League is a fast-paced, competitive online game that blends the speed and intensity of an RTS with RPG elements. Two teams of powerful champions, each with a unique design and playstyle, battle head-to-head across multiple battlefields and game modes. With an ever-expanding roster of champions, frequent updates, and a thriving tournament scene, League offers endless re-playability for players of every skill level.

What is a LoL Smurf Account?

league 2

If you’re in a search of the highest quality League smurf accounts then here’s where you need to be. For those of you who are not familiar with the term Smurf, the explanation follows. The first time you make a League account on LoL , you start at level 1 just like everyone else. This actually limits the number of champions, summoner spells, masteries, runes and game modes available. So Boring, right?

The good thing is, as you start progressing and levelling up, you’ll soon start unlocking the new summoner spells and different features in the game. The bad thing is this can take a very long time. By the time you reach level 30 (if you do) you’ll finally unlock the ability to play ranked matches. Ranked matches are where all the fun in League begins. When playing ranked matches with your friends, you are actusally competing with other players to become the best.

But, like we just said, if you wish to play ranked matches, your League account must be level 30. Since getting to level 30 can take a long time, we are here to present you a faster way. We are giving you a chance to buy a level 30 League account that is ready to play in ranked. What we’re trying to say is; you just need to buy an account log in and jump onto the rift without all the months spent leveling up.

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